Research & Development

⁠"Without challenges, there is no success.“

⁠We continue the spirit of T. A. EDISON's inventor, who has finally developed incandescent light bulbs and provided a bright light to mankind.

⁠BIOLIGHT Research Institute is conducting numerous tests to develop brighter, safer, and more versatile next-generation automotive lighting products, and is leading the way in creating a brighter future for human society.

⁠R&D field

⁠Head lights / Fog lights / Interior lamps / Side lamps / Direction indicators / Rear light / License plate lamps / Reverse lamps / Brake light


BioLight Co., Ltd.

More brightly, More safely...

Head office and Factory

  46, Saneopdanji 1-ro, Eomo-myeon, Gimcheon-si,       Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea

  T. +82-54-439-0252   F. +82-54-439-0254


Gwangmyeong Office

  67, Saebitgongwon-ro, XI TOWER A-dong 2107
      Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

  T. +82-2-6954-0252   F. +82-2-6954-0253

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