Quality Control Policy

⁠“Do not Accept, Build, Ship a Defect!”

The company sets the pursuit of "promoting customer satisfaction based on quality" as the company's policy by creating a corporate culture in which ALL employees participate in continuous improvement and innovation through overall quality management activities based on the basis of technical skills and quality.

⁠Based on these basic policies, the company establishes and operates a quality management system suitable for the company's business purposes,

and to achieve quality first principles that actively accommodate customer satisfaction and society's needs by providing continuous quality planning, implementation and improvement activities and the best quality careerism services by following.


It should be noted that it is the absolute goal of our company to pursue, and that achieving these goals is the fundamental and growth of our company without ⁠complacency about the various needs of our customers.


All executives and employees faithfully comply with the work prescribed in the quality management system and actively participate in quality management by striving to establish, implement and improve the quality management system.


All executives and employees are managed to maintain continuous safety and environmental management through autonomous compliance with domestic external conventions for accident, safety and environmental regulations, and thorough improvement of construction control, so that they can contribute to society through safety and environmental management harmonized with human beings and nature.


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